Food & Beverage Ordering

Enhance your mobile presence with the only full service interactive application!

Convenient Ordering completely customizable menus allow customers to know exactly what items are available for order based on the day and time!

Add-ons and modifiers not only help increase the average ticket price, but they ensure your customers will receive exactly what they ordered.

With the repeat past orders feature, SmartCart tracks and lists the customers’ most ordered food, drink and other items. This makes your regulars ordering their favorite burger just the way they like it – a simple click away!

Streamline to-go orders for lunch and dinner, plus increase revenue with pre-orders for the turn! Redefine your patron’s food and beverage experience! Easily Optimize Revenue Control when and where food service is available to ensure stress-free service.

Speed up payment transactions on the links or poolside with the ability pay directly through SmartCart using a stored credit card, PayPal or member id.

Give your customers a platform to voice their options with the built-in club rating system.

Manage Orders with Ease SmartCart gives your staff the advantage, providing them with everything they need for a quick, efficient turnaround of customer orders – including, course name, customer name, date, time, delivery/pick-up location, total and payment method.

The Ordered Items section displays the quantity for each item, plus the exact desired modifiers & add-ons. It also includes additional notes to ensure your customers’ orders are done right!

SmartCart alerts your staff as soon as an order enters the system with follow-up alerts every 2 minutes until the order is acknowledged. The system will then chime again after an order has sat for 12 minutes to remind the staff of an active order. The GPS location of the customer is updated every 8 minutes to ensure the staff will know exactly where the orders are going!

Printing with SmartCart is as simple as a click! SmartCart connects directly to any printer that is properly configured to the system, whether it’s a thermal printer for the bar/kitchen or a standard office ink jet printer.

As an added convenience, both the merchant and customer will receive an emailed receipt with in-app credit card purchases.

Get full order details, print customer receipts and track the location of every order!

To see more about SmartCart food and beverage applications click here

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